Best $100/hr Part Time Telepsychiatry jobs in Remote

Telepsychiatry is becoming popular day by day, especially with professionals who need flexible, high-paying roles. It gives a good opportunity for any psychiatrist to earn competitive, great wages while having a good work-life balance through part-time telepsychiatry jobs. Allow us to walk you through the best part-time telepsychiatry jobs focusing on remote opportunities.

What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is a subfield of telemedicine, which deals with the online exchange of information in relation to psychiatry. This consists of treatment for therapy, consultations, medication management, conduct of all sorts of follow-up, and even interventions facilitated through video, telephone, or online messaging. In fact, they enable great flexibility and accessibility, so it becomes convenient not only for the patients but also for psychiatrists.

Why Choose Part-Time Telepsychiatry Jobs?

Part Time Telepsychiatry jobs in Remote


Flexibility is one of the biggest pros when it comes to working in telepsychiatry on a part-time basis. It’s your call: you decide when, and where to work from, and manage your workload according to your availability.

High Pay

Part time telepsychiatry jobs can be highly lucrative with many offering rates of $100 an hour or more so earning a really good living with great hours is within your grasp.

Work-Life Balance

Also, in the traditional health care set-up, balancing work time and personal time has been really hard; part-time telepsychiatry jobs are a good solution as they enable one to get ample chance to be with the family and many other interests without compromising his or her career.

Top Part-Time Telepsychiatry Jobs Paying $100/hr

Part Time Telepsychiatry jobs in Remote


MDLive offers industry-leading telehealth solutions, including telepsychiatry services. They are in search of board-certified psychiatrists for part-time, flexible work hours with competitive pay. Set a working schedule and manage your own patient load according to how available or not you are.

2. Teladoc

Another large company in the telehealth industry is Teladoc. They provide really good employment packages for their part-time telepsychiatry. They can provide an easy, user-friendly way to ensure easy access by patients and in delivering quality care.

3. Amwell

Amwell, or American Well, provides telepsychiatry positions for part-time jobs. The company compensates competitively by the hour, helping significantly with support and through training with their technology so that the best care might be provided by any psychiatrist working for them.

4. BetterHelp

Another of the renowned online therapy platforms is BetterHelp, which also employs part-time telepsychiatrists. It provides flexible scheduling, remote work, and competitive pay opportunities for home working with great comfort.

5. Talkspace

On the other hand, Talkspace is an online therapy platform useful for a therapist. It provides lots of positions for therapists online or also in telepsychiatry, at high hourly rates and flexible working hours in their part-time roles, which makes it a great opportunity for remote psychiatrists.

How to Get Started in Part Time Telepsychiatry Jobs

Qualifications and Licensure

Be a licensed psychiatrist to practice telepsychiatry. Make sure your license is up to date and look at the specific requirements in terms of telepsychiatry for your state or country.

Technological Setup

You only need an internet connection and a space where the consults will be safe and private. You will also need your computer or tablet, which includes your webcam and a good microphone.

Joining Telehealth Platforms

Make a professional profile with your qualifications, experience, and availability on the well-established telehealth platforms that are well-known and provide telepsychiatry services.

Part Time Telepsychiatry jobs in Remote

Tips for Success in Part-Time Telepsychiatry Jobs

Build Rapport with Patients

Building rapport is very important in telepsychiatry. Be empathetic, listen actively, and make sure your patients feel heard and understood.

Stay Organized

Time management is key in maintaining a balance between that changing part-time telepsychiatry job and everything else on your plate. Keep track of appointments and deadlines with digital calendars and time reminders.

Continuous Learning

Attend webinars, take online courses, and participate in professional forums to help you keep up with the latest developments in psychiatry and telehealth.

FAQs About Part Time Telepsychiatry jobs

How Much Does Part-time Telepsychiatry Work Pay per Hour on Average?

On those platforms, most part-time telepsychiatry jobs pay around $100 per hour, based on your location and experience level.

Will I need any form of specialized training to practice telepsychiatry?

While there is not typically a telepsychiatry-specific training requirement, it is helpful to have some familiarity with best practices for using the technology that supports the use of telehealth. Many platforms will even provide training and support for you to really get started.

Can I work from anywhere as a telepsychiatrist?

Correct. The advantage of telepsychiatry is that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. But first, make sure you have met the state or country’s licensure requirements where your clients are.

How should I technically handle the issues that come up in taking the session forward?

Ensure that your technical problems back up the plan. For example, bring an extra device, know how to troubleshoot common problems, and have tech support contact information.

What are the ordinary hours of work for part-time telepsychiatry?

A lot of attendant working hours characterize part-time telepsychiatry jobs. Most platforms allow you to set your hours, so you are able to choose the hours that are directly convenient for you.

How do I maintain patient confidentiality in telepsychiatry?

Use only secure and HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms. Ensure you have a private, secure area for your sessions, and that best practices for data security are maintained.

Is there a demand for these telepsychiatric services?

Yes, the demand for telepsychiatry is on the rise, with people increasingly seeking mental health support online. Soon it will be more international, making telepsychiatry a more stable and revenue-yielding career option.


It is pretty easy to achieve flexibility, high pay, and a commendable work-life balance by being engaged in part-time telepsychiatry. Be it with the right qualifications, technology setup, and platform to be able to help patients right from home; hence, establishing the perfect telepsychiatry career. Working for MDLIVE, Teladoc, or BetterHelp, you will be able to get satisfaction, both professional and monetary, from telepsychiatry. You can start your journey to a new, flexible, and lucrative career in telepsychiatry today. If you want to send feedback about our post feel free to contact us here or on our facebook page.

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