The Powerful Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS) to Change Business Networking

Today, probably more than at any other time in business, there is an ever-increasing need for dynamism and adaptability in dealing with a changing digital landscape. Dynamism is wanting with the actual requirements of the digital enterprise by the use of conventional means of networking methodologies. Thus, cloud networking as a service has come in a shift that will shake the ways businesses do business. In this blog, we will traverse the world of NaaS: benefits, how it works, and what it means to you in business. We will also answer a few frequently asked questions that will help you understand this powerful technology.

What is Cloud Networking As A Service?

NaaS is an abbreviation for Cloud Networking As a Service; it is a service model for networking services through the Internet. This makes a business or company able to outsource its network service from a third-party provider, with the effect that they do not have to build and maintain their infrastructure. Services that are given in NaaS include virtual private networking (VPN), banded-on requests, customer routing, and multicast protocols, in addition to security services.

The Benefits of Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS)

1. Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is just another critical advantage of NaaS. All this, therefore, means that the high baseline capital expenditure involved in the procurement and maintenance of network equipment is relieved from a business. In other words, a business only pays for the network services that it would have used over a particular period, usually on a subscription basis relative to the use of such services. This is an accurate pay-as-you-go model, where the business only pays for what it uses; hence, the low cost.

The Powerful Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS) to Change Business Networking

2. Scalability

It’s NaaS that leads the way with an unmatched level of scalability. With several changes along its growth path, network requirements in NaaS will now ease the process of scaling based on those requirements. NaaS is easily alignable to all your changing needs: more bandwidth, secure features, and connectivity.

3. Flexibility

Traditional networking solutions are essentially rigid and may thus not be flexible to change. NaaS can allow, for example, the maintenance of services and configurations of your network in the way you wish them to be. You choose those services and configurations that best fit the network; hence, it is tailor-made to run in line with your business operation.

4. Enhanced Security

Security is a top takeaway for any business, and these NaaS providers typically offer added security-based features, including but not limited to encryption, firewalls, and an intrusion detection system. All of these protect against cyber threats and secure your data at all times.

5. Simplified Management

NaaS simplifies the management of such a network by centralizing the cloud-based interface in managing a network. With the monitoring and management of IT from the same place by the IT department, the work of management about the network is more accessible; resources become less complex and are channeled toward dealing with other influential, critical tasks.

How Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS) Works

1. Subscription Model

NaaS is a subscription model that relies on the ability of companies to select whatever service they find themselves in need of at a given point in time. In essence, the approach brings out flexibility and cost management from subscriptions that can be taken up and dropped to suit the prevailing needs of the enterprise.

The Powerful Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS) to Change Business Networking

2. Cloud-Based Infrastructure

NaaS relies on cloud infrastructure; thus, network services are endowed under third-party control. This means that firms are spared from capital and operational investments in physical network equipment and, most importantly, related maintenance costs for these platforms.

3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

NaaS vendors usually offer SLAs that stipulate the service performance and the guarantee for service level availability. In actuality, these are put in place to ensure businesses get service on network services that are consistent, reliable, and high in performance.

4. Centralized Management ***

NaaS would provide the ability for business-controlled network services from a cloud-driven central platform. In this platform, users could hold their networks’ commands effectively because of the force of real-time monitoring and reporting holding the configuration capabilities with them.

Why Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS) is Essential for Your Business

1. Supports Business Agility

Businesses are wrestling with this fast dynamism in the markets these days. Only agility and preparedness are the mantras for the moment. Critical flexibility in the scaling of your business, hitherto undue, is something this NaaS can deliver with flexibility and scalability in reaction to any dynamism in business requirements.

The Powerful Cloud Networking As A Service (NaaS) to Change Business Networking

2. Reduces the IT Complexity

A traditional network management system involves setting up and maintaining a complex system, which requires enormous resources compared to NaaS network management. Therefore, it is simplified so that your IT team can handle other strategic projects and not be overwhelmed with network management and troubleshooting daily.

3. Enhances Collaboration

Adopting NaaS will allow businesses to achieve better collaboration, improved by continuous connectivity between multiple locations that guarantee the interconnection of employees to work more effectively from any place.

4. Future-Proofs Your Network

The technology is constantly changing. Businesses should be updated to keep up with the hard times because the hard times of keeping up with the technology are now left to the NaaS service providers who update their service from time to time in bringing the latest development in network technology. Therefore, the use of NaaS will give you assurance in getting updated features and capabilities of the network.

5. Allows Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is almost always at the top of every business agenda. From this line of thought, a NaaS-supported network infrastructure must be able to enable any other new technologies or business models. Be it cloud computing, the Internet of Things, or AI, NaaS will lead you to your final goal of digital transformation.

FAQS About Cloud networking as a service (NaaS)

What is the difference between NaaS and traditional networking?

NaaS is a new business model cloud markets use to encourage shifting business from CAPEX to OPEX by compensating networking. Unlike the traditional business move position in which a company has to take by purchasing and managing networking hardware, NaaS is where the company can rent hosted network services from a third-party provider.

How does NaaS improve network security?

Advanced security features most NaaS vendors include encryption, firewall, and intrusion detection systems, among others. Such features shall ensure that the network is fully protected from a cyber threat and data safety within your network.

Can NaaS be customized to fit my business needs?

Yes, NaaS is flexible and highly customizable. You get a lot of services and configurations that fit your requirements, so your network fits your business needs.

What types of businesses can benefit from NaaS?

NaaS works for small, medium, and large businesses. For early-stage or large-dimensioned businesses, NaaS can provide the network services that will be crucial in helping you sustain your business and realize its full potential.

How do I choose the right NaaS provider?

Beyond the above, ensure that the scale of services offered by a NaaS provider meets individual needs, e.g., whether the depth of SLAs applies regarding service level agreements and security provisions, considering market reputation. Look at the customer support and flexibility of the service.

Is NaaS cost-effective?

Yes, in particular, where businesses aim at shying away from the heavy investment at the beginning and operations needed for acquiring and maintaining network hardware, the NaaS becomes a cost-effective model. One only pays for the amount of service used through the pay-as-you-go service, hence cost-effective savings.

How does NaaS support business growth?

NaaS enables business growth since network services may be scaled to the proportion of how you change your requirements. In terms of business growth, these network services would easily be recalibrated quickly so that high performance ensures everything operates smoothly.


Cloud Networking as a Service is potent enough to make a revolution in the approaches to business networking. An entity can achieve much through cost savings, scalability, flexibility, better security, and ease of management. The user will also obtain the agility and support needed, considering that business landscapes are changing through tight competition that is taking the process of digital transformation forward in a very speedy manner. NaaS would be the best fit to build a future-ready network and enhance business operations.

NaaS empowers businesses with the ability to know and rebrand themselves, to be better poised for success in a more digital world than anybody has been in the history of humanity. It is a time for which no one should wait but instead proceed to the discovery of the possibilities using cloud networking as a service to unleash all potential the business holds. If you want to send feedback about our post feel free to contact us here or on our facebook page.

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