Top 10 Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs for Beginners

With the need for protection increasing, the scope of entry level cybersecurity jobs for cybersecurity is also increasing rapidly, promising many appealing opportunities for starting a career. The surge of digital threats continues to enlarge the necessity for competent professionals who can protect organizations’ data and systems. In this blog, we discuss the top 10 entry-level cybersecurity jobs that fit the bill for novices in this pulsating and necessary industry.

1. Security Analyst:

Security analysts are the core personnel who are charged with the general mandate of monitoring and defending organizations from any cyber threats. At the entry level, an analyst shall be responsible for the identification of vulnerabilities, assessment of security access, and analysis of security breaches. The above position calls for strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail.

Top 10 Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs for Beginners

2. Network Security Administrator

Network security administrators work directly on the critical mission of ensuring the safety of network infrastructure. This includes tasks such as firewall installation, network security configuration, and updating the protocols followed by network security for the organization. Such work is the entry level of a career in cybersecurity.

3. Incident Response Analyst

The position of an incident response analyst places you at the front line in the event of a security breach. Your role will be to respond to the threat, contain the damage, and work with the security team in coming up with methods to prevent any future attacks. Quick thinking and problem-solving are vital traits for this job.

Top 10 Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs for Beginners

4. IT Security Consultant

An IT security consultant works to assess the IT and security infrastructure of organizations in order to provide them with recommendations on ways to improve. Most junior consultants will be under the guidance of senior consultants and be well exposed to quite a number of different industries and security issues.

5. Vulnerability Assessor

It is a process that assessors undergo, looking for the possible sources of vulnerability in a given system or software. Work in this job requires a lot of testing and the use of automated tools to scan for weaknesses, hence an outstanding job for anyone who is fond of detailed technical work.

Top 10 Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs for Beginners

6. Cyber Security Technician

Cyber security technicians are basically responsible for the installation and maintenance of the security systems that underpin an organization’s set of security systems. Their basic entry-level work usually includes security software setup, user access control, and assisting in security audits. This job is perfect for somebody who loves hands-on technical work.

7. Compliance Analyst

Compliance analysts ensure that the organization also complies with external laws besides the internal policy on cybersecurity. They ensure security practices are in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements by preparing reports and conducting audits on security practices. This job is perfect for a person with great organizational and compliance skills.

8. Digital Forensic Analyst

Digital forensic analysts collect and analyze data on cyberattacks. This function recovers data that was retrieved from damaged or corrupted devices and gets involved in looking at breaches. Such a job would need an extremely meticulous and patient person who has a love for problem-solving.

Top 10 Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs for Beginners

9. Security Software Developer

Security Software Developers are those who create software applications to provide computer systems with a raised degree of cybersecurity. Entry-level jobs may include coding under a supervisor, code testing to understand the weaknesses of code, and making applications already in place more secure. It will be highly relevant if the candidate has experience in software development, a high level of interest in the field of cybersecurity, and a passion for technology.

10. Penetration Tester

The penetration testers are, in a manner of speaking, nothing but ethical hackers who simulate a cyber attack with the aim of finding where the weaknesses of the system are before malicious attackers do so. The most hands-on with respect to the entry-level positions is the creative thinking testing when you “break” a system in order to understand its weaknesses. Entry-level roles provide training under experienced mentors.

FAQs of Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs

Q. What qualifications are required for me to land an entry-level job in cybersecurity?

A. Most entry-level cybersecurity positions will mandate at least a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, information technology, or a related field. A candidate may also have better chances at such job positions with certifications like CompTIA Security+ or Certified Ethical Hacker.

Q. How to gain experience in cybersecurity?

A. You can get hands-on experience through internships and volunteer opportunities with an IT or security department. Some activities that may be helpful are following cybersecurity competitions and new security trends and technologies.

Q. Are entry-level jobs in cybersecurity highly paid?

A. Truly, entry-level cybersecurity jobs pay well in correspondence with the requisite skills. With experience and extra certifications in your belt, it’s likely to shoot up quite significantly.

Q. What is the best way to identify an entry level cybersecurity position?

A. Networking is the game changer in this cybersecurity community. Attend industry conferences and network on cybersecurity forums, as well as connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Job boards and company websites are also good sources for identifying possible job opportunities.


A career in cybersecurity could be very rewarding and thrilling. Entry-level jobs open doors not just to this dynamic field but also to huge opportunities for growth. Be it one’s interest in technical analysis, compliance, or ethical hacking, there is a position for one with the skills and appetite in the field of cybersecurity. The top 10 entry-level cybersecurity jobs will build beginners a firm foundation in the area, leading to a strong, successful, and impactful career protecting digital assets and information in an interconnected world. If you want to send feedback about our post feel free to contact us here or on our facebook page.

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