Top 10 Best Embedded Finance Companies You Can Work With

In today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, embedded finance is transforming how businesses operate, bringing financial services directly to non-financial platforms. This integration allows companies to offer banking, lending, insurance, and payment services without redirecting customers to external financial institutions. Here’s a look at the top 10 best embedded finance companies you can work with.

What is Embedded Finance?

Embedded finance refers to integrating financial services, such as lending, payments, insurance, and investments, into non-financial platforms. This allows businesses to offer a seamless financial experience to their customers, enhancing user engagement and creating new revenue streams.

Why Choose Embedded Finance?

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrates financial services into everyday apps and websites.
  • Increased Revenue: Offers new ways to monetize your platform.
  • Customer Retention: Builds loyalty by offering more services within your ecosystem.
Top 10 Best Embedded Finance Companies You Can Work With

Top 10 Embedded Finance Companies

1. Stripe


Stripe is a leading financial infrastructure platform for businesses of all sizes. Known for its robust API and ease of integration, Stripe provides payment processing, billing, and financial management services.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Payment Solutions: Supports a wide range of payment methods.
  • Scalable: Best suited to large enterprises as well as small businesses.
  • Developer-Friendly: Easy to integrate with various platforms.

2. Square


Square offers a suite of tools to help businesses accept payments, manage operations, and grow their businesses. It’s known for its user-friendly point-of-sale (POS) systems and financial services.

Key Features

  • POS Systems: Includes hardware and software for retail and hospitality businesses.
  • Payment Processing: Supports in-person and online payments.
  • Financial Services: Offers loans and banking services.

3. PayPal


PayPal is a well-known global payment platform that allows businesses and consumers to send and receive payments securely. It also provides various financial services tailored for businesses.

Key Features

  • Global Reach: Operates in over 200 markets.
  • Secure Transactions: Advanced security measures to protect transactions.
  • Versatile Solutions: Suitable for e-commerce, retail, and service-based businesses.

4. Plaid


Plaid connects applications to users’ bank accounts, providing a secure and efficient way to access financial data. It powers thousands of apps and services in the fintech space.

Key Features

  • Data Connectivity: Seamlessly connects with major banks.
  • Security: High standards of data security and privacy.
  • Developer Tools: Comprehensive API documentation and support.

5. Adyen


Adyen is a global payments company that provides end-to-end payment solutions. It supports various payment methods and currencies, making it ideal for international businesses.

Key Features

  • Global Payment Solutions: Accepts payments in multiple currencies.
  • Unified Commerce: Integrates in-store and online payments.
  • Advanced Analytics: Offers detailed insights into payment data.
Top 10 Best Embedded Finance Companies You Can Work With

6. Marqeta


Marqeta is a modern card-issuing platform that allows businesses to create, manage, and distribute virtual and physical cards. Flexibility and ease of use are its main features.

Key Features

  • Customizable Card Programs: Tailor-made solutions for various business needs.
  • Real-Time Controls: Instant control over card transactions.
  • Robust API: Developer-friendly with extensive documentation.

7. Finastra


Finastra offers a wide range of financial software solutions, including core banking, payments, lending, and treasury management. It focuses on innovation and collaboration in financial services.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Covers all aspects of financial services.
  • Cloud-Based: Offers cloud deployment options.
  • Collaborative: Encourages partnerships and open banking initiatives.

8. Solarisbank


Solarisbank is a banking-as-a-service platform that offers a range of financial services, including bank accounts, payments, lending, and digital assets. It’s a fully licensed bank, providing a reliable infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Banking License: Operates under a full banking license.
  • Modular Services: Customizable solutions for various needs.
  • API-Driven: Easy integration with existing systems.

9. Rapyd


Rapyd provides a global financial network that integrates local payment methods, including cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. If a business looking forward to go global then it is the best deal for them.

Key Features

  • Global Coverage: Supports payments in over 100 countries.
  • Local Payment Methods: Accepts local payment options.
  • Integrated Solutions: Combines payments, fintech, and commerce in one platform.

10. Synapse


Synapse offers a platform for developing financial services, including payments, deposits, lending, and investment. It provides a comprehensive API and developer tools.

Key Features

  • Full-Stack Services: Covers a wide range of financial products.
  • API-Driven: Facilitates easy integration.
  • Scalable: Suitable for startups and large enterprises alike.
Top 10 Best Embedded Finance Companies You Can Work With

Benefits of Working with Embedded Finance Companies

Streamlined Financial Services

Integrating financial services directly into your platform reduces the need for third-party applications, creating a smoother user experience.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Offering embedded finance products like payments, loans, or insurance can open up new revenue streams for your business.

Improved Customer Retention

By providing comprehensive services within your platform, you increase customer loyalty and retention.

How to Choose the Right Embedded Finance Company

Consider Your Business Needs

Determine what financial services you need to integrate and choose a company that specializes in those areas.

Evaluate Integration Ease

Look for companies with robust APIs and comprehensive documentation to ensure a smooth integration process.

Check Security and Compliance

Ensure the company adheres to industry standards for data security and regulatory compliance.


What are embedded finance companies?

Embedded finance companies provide financial services that can be integrated directly into non-financial platforms, offering seamless financial experiences for users.

How do embedded finance companies benefit businesses?

They help businesses enhance customer experiences, increase revenue, and improve customer retention by offering financial services directly within their platforms.

Is it difficult to integrate embedded finance services?

Most embedded finance companies offer robust APIs and developer support, making integration relatively straightforward.

Are embedded finance services secure?

Reputable embedded finance companies follow stringent security protocols and comply with regulatory standards to ensure the safety of transactions and data.

Can small businesses use embedded finance services?

Yes, embedded finance services are scalable and can be tailored to fit the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises.


Embedded finance is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their offerings and streamline financial services. By partnering with one of these top 10 embedded finance companies, you can provide a seamless financial experience for your customers, driving growth and loyalty. If you want to send feedback about our post feel free to contact us here or on our facebook page.

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