Top 5 Mind-blowing Facts About Apple You Didn’t Know

If you are wondering about the top 5 mind-blowing facts about Apple you didn’t know for sure. These are the most unexpected facts about Apple and its founder that will surely surprise not only you but any Apple fan.

Apple Computer was founded on April 1, 1976, and of course yes it’s April Fool’s Day. This is the day from which this popular and most recognizable brand in the Technology world grow up. Since 1976 it has been 48 years of existence of Apple company that reached the level of height in the technology world that no other company has achieved. This is the first American company in their history that first reached their 1 and then 3 billion dollar market capital.

Today we all know that Apple is renowned and popular for their smartphones. According to the statistics at the end of year 2023, Apple company shipped 234.6 million phones in the market. By this shipment, they left Behind Samsung and took the first place in the world in the shipment category.

In the technology world, Apple is a well-known brand even people with no knowledge about technology know about Apple. But still, a die-hard Apple fan doesn’t know absolutely everything about their favorite brand. So let’s reveal some facts about this company’s history that you didn’t know about.

#1 Apple has three founders

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Almost everyone who knows about Apple also knows about those two renowned founders, yes we are talking about the famous Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. You can find lots of stories online about Apple at the initial stage and how they worked together in a garage to build their first product which they named the Apple One Computer. In April 1976 at Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto California, they first demonstrated this product.

But there was one more person present at the formation of the company who also played a major role in its development and his name is Ronald Wayne. He and Steve Jobs were colleagues when they worked together in Atari Company. Later he wrote manuals for the first Apple computer and also Designed the first logo of the company. Unfortunately, he was not prepared for the risk involved in this business so he decided to leave the company and sold his stake on April 12, 1976, for just $800.

#2 First Apple computer with Devil’s number

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If you check into the history then you can see that in the summer of 1976 Apple first started selling their Apple One computer. But the interesting fact is with the price of it which is $666.66 and this number causes heated discussion among mysticism and conspiracy theory fans. According to them using 6 in the price indicates a connection between Satan and Apple’s invention. The number 666 is renowned as the number of the devil which is used frequently as an element of Satanic paraphernalia. Apple didn’t include any biblical meaning either in the computer or its price.

According to Steve Wozniak, this devil number thing just happened accidentally. He also explained that the markup on Apple One should be 30% of the wholesale price and for that, the price came out like $667. So to make it easier to print the price tag they decided to replace the 7 with 6. He also added that he likes repeating numbers.

#3 The time 9:41 is always visible in the iPhone picture

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If you look closely at every commercial of Apple smartphone and each official image of its product range, the time 9:41 is always present. This is not a coincidence. Apple also strictly maintained this timing for each of its presentations.

Scott Forstall who worked for Apple, said that before every product launching ceremony, the product is launched about 40 minutes into the presentation. So they wanted to display a time on the screen which should be closer to the time of the audience’s clock in the presentation.

Later for iPhone advertising images, they used 9:42 instead of 9:41 but that didn’t last long, and they returned to the first option they used for years. You can see that on the iPhone 15 presentation, they showed the old time. By which they came back to the tradition that they started 15 years ago.

#4 Apple earns $3,074 per second

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AltIndex analysts researched the earning rate of the world’s largest IT companies in February 2024. They found out that in the year 2023, Apple’s net profit was $96.9 billion. The amazing thing is that if you calculate the earning rate in seconds then it turns out that Apple earned $3074 per second that year, which is thousands more than the other two tech giants Microsoft and Alphabet.

In 2023 five IT giants earned a total of about 1.6 trillion dollars, but the interesting fact is that Apple earned a third of that amount.

#5 Record price at auction for Apple-1

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Bonham’s auction house arranged an auction ceremony in New York in the year 2014 which shocked the whole IT world. Because they bring up the fully functional working version of the Apple-1 computer. This version was in the first batch of Apple-1 production in the summer of 1976, where Steve Wozniak himself was involved in the assembly process. In the auction, It was expected to be sold for $3,00,000 to $5,00,000 price range, but in the end, it was sold for $9,05,000 which is outstanding.

Henry Ford Museum from the American city of Dearborn is the buyer who paid that amount to own that rare piece of Apple-1 computer. It’s been 10 years now and several auctions arranged for many Apple products, even though they put auctions for personal belongings of company owners like shoes or receipts but none of them managed to break that record.

So these are the top 5 mind-blowing facts about Apple you didn’t know for sure that we are glad to show you. If you want to send feedback about our post feel free to contact us here or at our facebook page.

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